For a free Sunday afternoon in Santiago de Chile


Matucana 520, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chili (metro linea 1 parada quinta normal)

After attending to the free tour you can have a walk at Quinta Normal Park. Located close to the Matucana neighborhood, this park has been elected one of the 30 most splendid parks of the world. Bring your picnic (or some empanadas) and have a nap on this park can be a good idea to spend a nice afternoon. But more than a simple park, it regroups 5 museums which are all free the Sundays (/!\ but hey are all closed on Monday). The private Corporation for Circulation of Science and technology is in charge of 3 museums: The Science and Technology museum inside the Partenon building, The railway man museum and the Infantile Museum inside the Obrecht’s house. On your way you will meet the Quinta Normal Greenhouse, even if nowadays this building is abandoned, it has been declared National monument in 2009. While going ahead of your journey you’ll find the Art museum inside the Versaille Palace designed with a French style that offers national and international experimental exhibitions.  Finally close to the entrance  you’ll meet the National History Museum which is guarded by a gigantic whale skeletal.


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