Cheap way to discover Santiago: Tour4tips



Meeting point: Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago de Chile ( L5 metro station: Bella Artes)

During my reception shift I chat with guests from Aji hostel, and many of them told me really nice feedbacks about Tour4tips.

I did it and I do advice you to go because first of all, I like the concept: you come for free and then you give a tip if they deserve it. Then obviously, you know it will be really cool if they want to collect generous tips! They usually ask for CLP$5000, which is still pretty cheap for a tour.They provide utter tours and they’re really famous here in Chile. There are two meeting points per day: one at 10 a.m (for the early birds: and one at 3 p.m (for those who went to a party the night before: However, the morning tour and the afternoon one are not the same.

Furthermore, I think it’s a good way to discover the highlights of Santiago with a guide right after your arrival. If you enjoyed that tour, there is another “ free tour “in Valparaiso (, which will be for sure your next stop in Chile !


I hope you enjoyed this tip =)


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