Chilenismo: Chilean’s slang

What a better way to start a guide than with a short wakeup call about Chilean expressions in order to get fully integrated with locals. Sometimes when you walk into the street there are some words you hear but you cannot understand such as: “cachai?”,“weon” “yapo/sipo/nopo”.. Then you start having doubts about your Spanish standard, but no worry I’ll improve you Spanish slang. But first, a short sum up about Chile, here in Chile we don’t speak Spanish but Castillan from The Castillan Kingdom. Here in Chile we do not pronounce any “S”, then “tres:3” becomes tre (tré), entonces (so…) becomes entonce (entoncé), all right, at least there is one advantage to this strange way of speaking is: no more problem with usted !!

   Here come some “fancy”words you may hear and use:

Pucha: damn it            La hueva: stuff

 Pololo/Polola: Boyfriend/girlfriend          Al tiro: right now

Huevon(a): Guy / stupid guy (use with caution)      Paco: cop (never in front of them)

Sipo (Siiiipô)/ Nopo /yapo: Yes , no , ok          Chabela: Ciao / good bye

La raja (rrraja, good luck to pronounce it !): awesome

Cachai?(at every end of a sentence): got it?

Carrete/ Carretear: party , to party         Pololear: to be in couple        

Caña ( because of pisco): hangover    Apagó la tele: blackout  

              Hueca: a stupid girl   ¡Bacán!: Cool!

Andar con el dragon (walk with the dragon): have a bad breath

  Punchi Punchi : electro music ( that’s actually the rhythm of electronic music)

Confort ( the brand): toilet paper        Borracho/curado: Drunk

Compadre: friend           1 luca(s): 1000 pesos

Plata: money

 Ayer fue a un carrete en bellavista, demasiado loco huevon, en la manana tuve una cana huevon, bebimo(s) piscola toda la noche…Fue la R(rrr)aja pô!  (Yesterday I went to a party in bellavista, it was crazy. But the morning I got a hangover ‘cause we drunk Pisco-coca cola all the night long. It was awesome!)

I hope you enjoyed this short Spanish lecture!


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