Things to do in 48 hours in Santiago de Chile

Simply passing through Santiago? You may have a flight in the next 48 hours but you want to discover the city? Then this article is made for you!


las ferias Santa Lucia

After waking up from a good night’s sleep in Aji Hostel; Get ready with a consistent breakfast and the proper shoes (to avoid awful blisters)!


9.30AM: On your way for Tours4tips (meeting point at 10 a.m). One of the cheapest way to discover the city. Get on the tube from Salvador Metro Station to Bella Artes Metro Station, and reach Bella Artes Museum where the tour starts.

If you prefer to ride into Santiago, La Bicicleta verde (a sustainable company) offers tours in and out Santiago.

1PM: Lastarria Neighborhood  (Red line #1 Universdad Catolica Metro Station) is your next destination. With a bohemian style this neighborhood deserves a walk. You will enjoy the small shops, the terasses, and the restaurant to lunch.

3PM: Really close to Lastarria Neighborhood you’ll meet Santa Lucia Hill “the green Santiago’s lung”. First reach the top of the hill, and enjoy the view and the park. Then go to Feria de Santa Lucia   which is a traditional market. Over there you can buy Chilean gifts and try delicious natural juice for $1500.

6 P.M: HAPPY HOUR! Time to go to Bellavista Neighborhood  to chill out with a drink or a beer (un trago o una cerveza) Escudo, Cristal, austral are chilean’s beer you can order. If you  prefer cocktails you should order a terremoto (a earthquake) or a piscosour which are two famous beverages here in Chile.

10 P.M: Carrete! Santiago has nothing to envy to Buenos Aires and it gets everything to party hard! Here is a list of places you can go to party/to have a simple drink in Santiago:

  • Liguria   Restaurant/Bar (Av. Providencia 1373, Providencia, with typical Chilean food) close to our hostel.
  • Club la Feria  Constitucion 275, Providencia.
  • Bar constitución  Constitucion 61, Providencia
  • EL Santo Remedio,  with a decor and a design that will not let you uninterested, close to the hostel as well. Calle Roman Diaz 152, Providencia.
  • La Piojera, Aillavillu, Santiago, Chili
  • Bellavista neighborhood: you might find over there clubs and bars to party and enjoy yourself throughout the night!


museo de la memoria

9.30 AM:  The sun is here, get ready to reach  Cerro San Cristobal

Unfornutaley it’s a Rainy/cloudy day: On your way to The human rights & the memory museum

1. PM: Lunch time! Here goes a list of really good restaurants here in Santiago. If you’re looking for a cheap meal, you may find plenty of small fast food restaurants that offer famous Chilean snacks such un completo, un completo italiano, empanadas …

3. PM: Show up to the other one Tours4tips. It would be the perfect activity to complete the circle.

6 PM: Your 48hours visiting Santiago are over !

I hope you enjoyed reading this article !



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