A great tip for travelers with small budgets

What is the concept of Freetournetwork? A website  which regroups free local tours all around the world. A concept designed by Robert Rosenthall, an experienced traveler.


Tourist industry has been growing from the last years and mass tourism emerged with it. Then, nowadays flight tickets are cheaper compared to 10 years ago, what offers us the possibility to do what we like the most: Travelling (we are lucky =).There are different types of tourists according to their budgets, but sometimes we all have the same bad feeling to be only a cash cow, to be paying more that it should be, and to stuff companies’ pockets. Beauties of the world should be approachable for everybody. Then, some people have started travelling on a different way and the backpacking phenomena appeared “I’m a backpacker” or “I backpacked in South America”.  That’s why I thought you will be many to use his precious tips.

I hope you will follow the concept: not only to travel for free but to meet local people and to share experiences with them.  Freetournetwork is 172 tours, 139 cities, 56 countries on 6 continents … I think you have enough to be going on with!



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