Top 10 of our best restaurants in Santiago

Triana 863

Triana 863, providencia, Santiago de Chile (Salvador Metro Statio, Red line)

       Alright, I start this list of good restaurants with the Triana café. Triana café is the Aji hostel’s restaurant. Located in the famous tourist neighborhood called Providencia, they offer really tasty meal and delicious natural juice. Every day of the week (from Monday to Friday) the restaurant is full of people who want to taste of our meals. Prices are cheap, so if you’re looking for somewhere to have something to eat, that’s your place!


El Mercado Central

En el mercado central  de Mariscos (seafood)
( Puente Cal y Canto Metro Station, Yellow line)

          If you want to try delectable seafood, the Central Market “Mercado Central” will open your taste buds. They offer seafood dishes which are the treasure of the sea. Prices are in general reasonable!


California Cantina

california cantina

urbinas 44, providencia, Santiago de Chile  (  Los Leones Metro Station, Red line )

       California Cantina is a sport brewpub that offers American and Mexican meals with burgers and huge tasty XXL Burritos. As well, the bar sales craft beers, then if you’re a beer lover this place is made for you, but if you prefer cocktails they also have really good choices. Not only a restaurant, it’s as well a place to party from Thursday to Saturday. The atmosphere and the service are really good, and prices are reasonable (either cheap, neither expensive).



Jose Victorino Lastarria 276, Santiago de Chile (Universidad católica Metro Station, Red line)

          The fifth best restaurant in Tripadvisor, they got the certificate of excellence in 2014. I really enjoyed this place for its wine list. They have plenty of wine and if you are wine lover you will appreciate its wine-cellar, which is filled with the best Chilean wine and really good other references. Moreover their really good wines they also have flavorful dishes (ex: ribs with wine sauce and mashed sweet potatoes). At last, waiters speak English which is unusual in Chile. This restaurant is a bit more expensive than the average but it really worth it!


San José María Escriva de Balaguer 6400, local 6, Vitacura, Santiago

       Just the name makes me travel east. Zanzibar is a restaurant/lounge which offers African, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The food is scrumptious and the mix of flavors and spices will marvel your buds. Moreover a delicious menu they also have a bewitching atmosphere, a fairy tale for your eyes, a dance of colors and romanticism. The service is great: a caring team and shows of dance, this restaurant gets everything you expect and much more!


 La Peluquería Francesa

Calle Compania de Jesus 2799, Santiago de Chile (  Quinta Normal Metro Station, Green Line)

        I must confess this article won’t be written with an objective mind since I’m French. But I’m really proud to recommend this restaurant. They offer an unbelievable French food and desserts are toothsome. The owner is as well really proud of his restaurant designed in a former French barber shop from 1868 (then peluqueria francesa makes sense!). The design is full of small details which will catch your attention throughout your meal. Moreover it is located in the really nice bohemian neighborhood but anyway just the place deserves a look.


Uncle Fletch

 Dardignac 0192, Bellavista ( Baquedano Metro Station, red line 1)

       Located in the famous Bellavista neighborhood, the surroundings of this restaurant are splendid with a New-York Style: bricks, wood and beer barrels.  Uncle Fletch raises the Hamburgers to the rank of gourmet dishes. The Supreme Blue Cheese or the Cheese cake will satisfy your hunger, the burgers are generous and the pan and the home-made French fries are delectable: crunchy at the top and spongy inside! Moreover the staff is welcoming, they speak English and they recommend you well.


Santo Remedio

 Calle Roman Diaz 152 (Salvador Metro Station, red line)

           First time I went there I was really impressed by the decor, industrial surroundings with a dim light and a soft electronic music that warm up the atmosphere. Also they offer a list of aphrodisiac cocktails with impressive mix of flavors and alcohol. I’m pretty sure you will be charmed by the sexy names they gave to their cocktails and you will want to try them all! They have an utter menu, lovely presentation, with a mix of spices and textures. Finally the waiters are good advisers and speak English.



Alhumada 146, Santiago de Chile ( Historical center)
Close to Tobalaba Metro Station ( Red Line)

        Alright this is not really a fancy place to date with your girlfriend, but still you cannot miss it out! Domino is a Santiago institution which offers Chilean style sandwiches. You must try their value hot dogs and order and “Completo” (hot dog with avocado, tomatoes and mayonnaise).  You definitely should try this local flavor for a lunch, a break during two tours. Getting a seat at the count it’s a good place for fun. Who thought that a fast food could have been lot of flavor and fun?

El caramaño


Purisima 257, Santiago, Chili ( Baquedano Metro Station, red line)

     This restaurant would be a perfect choice after getting up the San Cristobal Hill or visiting the Chascona ( Pablo Neruda’s house),  located in Bellavista neighborhood, they offer traditional Chilean food. The food is delightful and they have a wide choice of dishes and wines. The most of this restaurant is its decoration: you’re welcome to write your comments and advices on the wall!

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