Backpacking check-list


        Planning to travel the world during several months? Better to know before leaving what to bring. I definitely know you would like to bring your entire closet but try to pack light to feel less vulnerable and to be ready to run after your flight/bus/taxi/tuk tuk/elephant or camel! Don’t pack too much and leave some space free to bring few gifts or to buy some clothes during your journey.

“On a long journey even a straw weighs heavy” Spanish proverb



  To cover your feet:

    Flip flops: might be useful inside the showers or to have a walk along the beach

  Hiking shoes: Even if local people wear only Flip Flops to hike the Amazon rainforest I assure you will feel better to wear Hiking shoes. If you are afraid of twisting your ankles, you better buy ankle boot which will hold them during more complicated paths.

  Light trainers:  because it’s not necessary to bring your Indiana Jones’ outfit to party or to have a simple walk in a city!

  Trainer socks/ wool socks:  bring a pair of wool socks could save your day if you decide to hike in mountains or during the night in a desert.




 To cover your legs:

Trousers/ sport Leggings: Up to you!

   Jeans: because Jeans are comfortable enough to visit a city

   A short: it doesn’t really cover your legs, but you will appreciate it during the days of hot weather.

   A swimsuit: to lie down on a beach, to bath in the sea or to enjoy hot springs, always useful to have one!

  Sports clothing thermal: they are usually light and keep your warm, perfect outfit for cold climates.



To cover your torso:

Moisture wicking t-shirt/ Long-sleeve shirts/ t-shirts: can be worn in lot of situations!

   A Jumper: I think two jumpers could be useful since you’ll lose one during a party for sure.

   Rainwater jacket / Windbreaker: there is nothing more terrible than to be cold because of the wind or because your t-shirt is wet.

   Sport clothing thermal: again, but really useful!

   A dress/a shirt: Small expectations in your backpack list but parties are part of the trip as well!!





To cover your hands                

Gloves/mittens: try to get Touch screen gloves if your camera and Smartphone have a touch screen.

To cover your head

  Hat/ Panama hat/ Sun hat/ sunshade: whatever you want but always remember to cover your head!

   Bandana/buff: really useful because they can be worn in different ways and then can be used for different situations.

 Headbands and winter hats: a not covered-head is a loss of 30% of your body heat.

What to bring in your cosmetic case?

A cosmetic case: because it’s much easier to carry your items in a case.

Sun protection products (in small quantity): sunscreen, lip balm, after-sun cream, sunglasses.

Shampoo/conditioner: keep in mind to pack light then buy the 2 in 1.

Biodegradable soap: To protect the environment where we travel.

Roll-on deodorant: usually smaller and lighter than a spray deodorant.

Toothpaste/toothbrush+case: sounds normal

Any products you may need according to your needs: contact lens equipment, razor…



Tips to travel in peace:

      Travel insurance: they are often expensive but it will be still cheaper than a hospital stay.

      Passport/Visas/Photocopies/vaccines proofs: Some countries require a passport valid six months after your stay and in good condition. Remember than a passport is not an ID card but a tool to travel. Then it would be better to keep it in a safe place and to bring photocopies or your ID card to prove your identity.

      Credit card: withdrawals abroad can be expensive then try to ask for a free cash withdrawals fee abroad.

     Travel money belt: Even if you think your bag or your pockets are safe enough pickpockets know how to rob you.

     Students ID: Can make you save lot of money, don’t hesitate to ask if hostels/Operator tours have any discount for students.

    Ear plugs /eye shade/ travel pillow: with 14hours of bus or a noisy hostel those small items might be a plus to rest!  I advise you a travel pillow that you can              blow up to save some space in your backpack.

    A Headlamp: always funny and really useful to have your hands free.

  A silk travel sheet: Most hostels provide linen, blankets and pillows,

but the cleanliness of it all is sometimes questionable. A liner is such a relief to have in these occasions.

Microfiber towel: light, small and with a quick dry, the microfiber towel will avoid you spending money in hostel to get a towel.

Emergency contacts: Stay responsible while having fun

Adaptor/usb cable: To bring an USB cable can let you charge your phones on computers

A padlock: Choose one with combination lock to not lose the key!

A Plastic bag: for your dirty laundry

Plastic Playing cards: to be the king of the night and to gel a group together!

Books: Some hostels offer a book exchange service; then you can have new books for free and enjoy them during a transfer between two places.

Condoms: Have fun but travel safe =)


I hope this article provided you numerous tips and I wish you an amazing journey

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