El color, la música y la danza, el carnaval de los mil tambores

Este fin de semana que viene se va a desarrollar el carnaval de los mil tambores en Valparaíso, en su edición número 15.

Este fin de semana es especial, Valparaíso deja que el ritmo, la gente, la alegría y la fiesta se tomen las calles.  Es un Carnaval que pasa por las calles de Valparaíso con buena onda, buena gente y con la idea  de unificar diversos sectores culturales, la música, la danza, el arte, el arte callejero10146732173_68d20627f3 y el teatro, en un solo lugar.

La gente se reúne en los espacios públicos para resaltar la cultura y las tradiciones Chilenas y para protestar con paz y alegría por los derechos humanos.

Son manifestaciones por el descontento social y un llamado para recuperar lo que se cree perdido, en especial por el patrimonio histórico. Pero también está pensado para juntarse y disfrutar de la alegría y del arte. Se ven en todos lados tocatas, cuerpos pintados, gente disfrazada, bailarines, y mucho más. Este año el tema es “homenaje a Valparaiso” .

Para una pequeña impresión ve el siguiente video

si quieres saber más, ve este reportaje 

Y si quieres ver detalles del programa metete a www.miltambores.cl

Este evento igual es para potenciar Valparaíso como ciudad cultural y ciudad de la paz que está siempre dispuesta a inteValporactuar con la gente y su cultura. Es por  esto y por la arquitectura que nombraron la ciudad como patrimonio de la humanidad. ¡Igual si no se encuentran en Chile o en Valparaíso este fin de semana, sin duda tienen que ir a verla!

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Que el color, la música y la danza llenen sus corazones.

Patrimonio cultural del arte popular, lugar del encuentro, trinchera de la paz, la justicia y dignidad de los pueblos.

This coming weekend will be the thousand drums- parade in Valparaiso, edition number 15.

This weekend is special, Valparaiso let the streets been taken from peace, the people, the joy and the party. It is a carnival passing through the streets of Valparaiso with good vibes, good people and the idea of unifying various cultural sectors, music, dance, art, street art and 10146732173_68d20627f3theater, in one place.

People gather in public spaces to highlight Chilean culture and traditions and to protest with peace and happiness for human rights.

They are manifestations of social discontent and a call to retrieve what is believed lost, especially historical heritage. But it is also designed to meet and enjoy the joy and art. There are everywhere gigs, painted bodies, dressed people, folk dancers, and more. This year the teme is “homenaje a Valparaiso” .

If you want a small print see the next video 

and if you want to know more, see this report  

And if you want to see details of the program go to www.miltambores.cl

This event equal is to promote Valparaiso as cultural city and city of peace that is always willing to interact with people and culture. Because of this Valpoand his architecture they named the city as a world heritage. So even if you are not in Chile or in Valparaiso this weekend you definitely have to go there to see it!

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That color, music and dance fill your hearts.

Cultural heritage of folk art, meeting place, trench peace, justice and dignity of peoples.


Tired to share your room with snoring people for once???

search an alternative way where to stay in a city for a couple a days

When hostels can get stressfu

All of you which traveled around know that it can be very tiring to always move, 20051017_Pintores de la Plaza de Armastravel, celebrate, pack, unpack, move again, get into temptation to celebrate again….and don’t sleep a lot. Or when you have to go to another city for work, further education, courses or some business stuff maybe you want stay in a hotel and like you need your rest to be well the other day a hostel also isn’t the right place…

While traveling or staying outside you almost everyday share your room with new people, you can’t move without carrying about the others, can’t IMG_6278shower  when you want to because maybe already somebody is taking a shower, somebody puts the light on while you’re sleeping, somebody is great in snoring and so on. When you want to cook maybe everyone wants to eat or there are already a lot of people cooking… or, when you are traveling in couple and want to have your privacy once in a while…

All this things are fine for a while and is an adventure, but maybe someday you only want to come to a quiet place, where you can do whatever you want, cook like you want to, rest in the living without caring about others, watch in the television what you want, go to bed without somebody making noises around you, got up when you wake up and not because somebody is getting up…

A good solutionIMG_6702

We already had people in our hostel they were happy when there once weren’t that much people and no party so that they could sleep and didn’t Also some people who stayed in our hostel for a longer time they searched an empty hostel for one or two days to take a rest.

Another and a very good opportunity is to rend a furnished apartment. Nowadays there exist in all the big cities furnished apartments which you IMG_6299can rent for one or more days. Santiago became full of this sort of apartments in the last years and they are very popular!

They are comfortable, quiet, and nice. They include services like cleaning, information desk and a lot of them have swimming pool in the building. And the big difference: they give you your privacy.

Some references

There are a lot of different options of furnished apartments, you can find a lot in the heart of Santiago. Many offers of apartments are in the historic downtown of Santiago and also in the Providencia area. There are completely equipped apartments in the best locations DSCF1297close to La Moneda (Chilean House of Government), the most important tourist attractions in the city, and steps away from the citys subway stations.

Normally these apartments are for 2 people, they have a small living with kitchen and a bedroom with the entry to the bathroom. There are a lot of options though, one of them we have in our company, which would be www.departamentoscentrourbano.cl where you can make your reservation directly with paying only 2% of your reservation at the moment you book it. Or you can search in the web of booking.com and hostelworld.com for other companies and apartments to name only two alternatives available online.

If you would like a more personalized service, please contact us at:

Departamentos Centro Urbano
Email: info@departamentoscentrourbano.cl
Phone: 56 2 22364401

Internship and Travel

In general

In the last few years Internships in general became more popular and the demand went bigger.

There are a lot of offers for Internships in every area and every country.IMG_7759 Spanish is getting more and more important to know. And why Chile is one of the most developed, save and popular countries in South America, many people come here to study or to work or do their internship.

Internships, and also voluntary work, can be a great opportunity to know well another country, other language and over all a new culture, new people and new friends. Internships in general are a lifetime experience and can help you a lot to get further in your personal and your business carrier. In many jobs you apply in your future they may ask for experience abroad and other languages and if you have done an internship, you can reveal with both.

So come to Chile to do an Internship, voluntary work or one of our programs:


Our Idea

Based on the increasing interest in internships we almost a year ago started with the idea to make it easier for foreigners to find a good internship in Chile.We knew that already do exist some companies for this, but we wanted to do different. We wanted something that really helps students to find tIMG_8422he job they want and where they can benefit the most possible for their studies. So it’s also guarantied for the business that the students who come are motivated to work, because they know already what they are coming for and what they will do during their stay! And the most important thing was that we wanted you to feel save and coming to Chile without fears and stress and dooing what you want and not ending up washing dishes… (like others we saw…)

Important points for us

Our first and most important point is, to be there for you!

You already can see on our page which are the internships we offer and what work you will have to do, so you can choose the most convenient one. All of our programs have been agreed upon with thenosotros companies and/or institutions in Chile before offering you the internship, and they review and approve your application before we confirm with you the internship. All of the internships have been requested by the companies and their availability has been confirmed prior to us offering them to you.

If the company doesn’t meet the expectations of what they offered you, we can provide you with an alternative internship so that your experience here will always be a great one. Means that if you at least end up doing other stuff that the work which was described on the page you can talk with us and we come to talk with the one in charge and if they don’t change your tasks you have the right to change practice.

We go with you to your work the first day and we will visit you once in a while. We have an emergency phone where you can call us 24 hours the 7 days of the week and the 365 days a year.

For us the social part also is very important. So we offer voluntary work for a very low price, only 10chicitito0 USD. And with all the 100 Dollars of voluntary workers we pay some administration and the rest of the money we donate at the end of the year to one of the organizations we are working with.

One of the things we offer to give you the best support is our psantiagorogram “your month” which is considered to help you getting in to our culture, country, people, language and more. In this month you will learn about Chile, rights, people, speaking and to handle moving in Santiago.

We as a company

We’re committed to offering work internships, volunteer options, and touristic services that provide the best available opportunity to young people from all over the world tpagina_cultura_690o get to know our culture, history, Santiago city, and our region’s attractions in the closest and most real way. We want everyone to remember having lived an excellence experience after participating in one of our programs and to take away a better understanding of our culture, its people, the customs of this part of the world, our history, and of course our language. .

We will preferentially offer internship, or volunteer programs that are with small-sized businesses or organizations that need resources for their survival and/or development. The small-sized social organizations, as well as small tourism companies, are our priority because pagina_gente3_690they require more help to function and because they represent an excellent opportunity for the young people to immerse themselves in our country and live an unforgettable experience.

To read more about go to our page


and we hope you will be one of the people we will see soon in Chile!! Don’t due to write me if you have any questions


algunos fotos de http://www.thisischile.cl

A Trip to Altos de Cantillana

How it started

Last Thursday somebody I met at the last winter tourism fair in Santiago, invited me to come to the natural reserve she works in. I was surprised, because I’ve never heard about this place and it seemed to be very beautiful! So obviously I accept the invitation.

So last Thursday I got up in the morning and went in Santiago to the central station “SIMG_9152an borja”, there, she told me, I have to take a bus which goes to aculeo-rangue, so I did.

The bus always leaves every half an hour and it takes around an IMG_9150hour and a half to get right in front of the natural reserve called “altos de Cantillana”. I was very happy, because on the way out of Santiago sun was coming out and the bus was very comfortably and I was almost alone in the busIMG_9157. Sometimes we stop and some other people came in, but at the end I was alone again…

Already on my way to the reserve i saw some beatiful views evrywhere…

The natural reserve

When I arrived, Fernanda welcomed me with a hot coffee in their base lodge which is IMG_9171made out of a kind of clay. There were a lot of pictures on the wall which tell you about the history, the families and the residents, obviously only animals…

Fernanda showed me a book they made, which should explain which plants, trees, animals, mushrooms,… you can find in the natural reserve. She explained me a little bit of that and of their IMG_9175history and then we started leaving to see the reserve. We went up a little peace until the parking, there we started walking.

We walked through a wet forest which was very green IMG_9177and the air was fresh. If you rest for a while you can hear a lot of different birds. The most important thing is that in this forest you can see some plant and trees which you normally only can find in the forests in the south of Chile. When you come out of the forest you see a meadow and you can see a lot of hills, which are all part of this, it’s seem that if I would be there alone I could get lost… but all the views are incredible.

We walk a little bit up to a hill, like one hour and we reached a place wherIMG_9213e you could see a lagoon. The sun already run out a little bit of the picture, but it couldn’t destroy the spectacular view we had! We walked down again and on the way Fernanda told me, that they are only like 4 people who work there and two of them halftime, which is incredible when you see how big the place is. So she told me, that everybody who wants to help them a weekend or something is very welcomed. But anyway, if you visit them you already help them. The entry to the park is 4000 chilean pesos, like 7 Dollars, and if you want to stay over night 6000 chilean pesos, like 10 Dollars. There are two places where you can sleep with a tent and it’s anyway worth it because you have more time to discover.

The last thing

When we came back to the house, we don’t stay for a long time, we left after 5 minutes again, because Fernanda wantedIMG_9243 to show me the house of the forest guardian. We drove around the reserve and went up to one of the highest points, and only then I realized how big it is. The house of the guardian is also a place they still are working on, the walls still aren’t isolated, but it’s still very friendly and welcoming.

We came down to the villages again and there Fernanda showed me a small church which they rebuilt after the earthquake. All these people does so much to keep their home like it should bIMG_9200e and take care of it, that’s impressive and so I had a lot to think about on my way home to Santiago, where I arrived tired but very happy.

And I truly recommend to everybody who comes to Santiago and wants to go to the nature for a while not only to think in “cajon del maipo” which is the most famous place near Santiago, but also think about Altos de Cantillana!