Tired to share your room with snoring people for once???

search an alternative way where to stay in a city for a couple a days

When hostels can get stressfu

All of you which traveled around know that it can be very tiring to always move, 20051017_Pintores de la Plaza de Armastravel, celebrate, pack, unpack, move again, get into temptation to celebrate again….and don’t sleep a lot. Or when you have to go to another city for work, further education, courses or some business stuff maybe you want stay in a hotel and like you need your rest to be well the other day a hostel also isn’t the right place…

While traveling or staying outside you almost everyday share your room with new people, you can’t move without carrying about the others, can’t IMG_6278shower  when you want to because maybe already somebody is taking a shower, somebody puts the light on while you’re sleeping, somebody is great in snoring and so on. When you want to cook maybe everyone wants to eat or there are already a lot of people cooking… or, when you are traveling in couple and want to have your privacy once in a while…

All this things are fine for a while and is an adventure, but maybe someday you only want to come to a quiet place, where you can do whatever you want, cook like you want to, rest in the living without caring about others, watch in the television what you want, go to bed without somebody making noises around you, got up when you wake up and not because somebody is getting up…

A good solutionIMG_6702

We already had people in our hostel they were happy when there once weren’t that much people and no party so that they could sleep and didn’t Also some people who stayed in our hostel for a longer time they searched an empty hostel for one or two days to take a rest.

Another and a very good opportunity is to rend a furnished apartment. Nowadays there exist in all the big cities furnished apartments which you IMG_6299can rent for one or more days. Santiago became full of this sort of apartments in the last years and they are very popular!

They are comfortable, quiet, and nice. They include services like cleaning, information desk and a lot of them have swimming pool in the building. And the big difference: they give you your privacy.

Some references

There are a lot of different options of furnished apartments, you can find a lot in the heart of Santiago. Many offers of apartments are in the historic downtown of Santiago and also in the Providencia area. There are completely equipped apartments in the best locations DSCF1297close to La Moneda (Chilean House of Government), the most important tourist attractions in the city, and steps away from the citys subway stations.

Normally these apartments are for 2 people, they have a small living with kitchen and a bedroom with the entry to the bathroom. There are a lot of options though, one of them we have in our company, which would be www.departamentoscentrourbano.cl where you can make your reservation directly with paying only 2% of your reservation at the moment you book it. Or you can search in the web of booking.com and hostelworld.com for other companies and apartments to name only two alternatives available online.

If you would like a more personalized service, please contact us at:

Departamentos Centro Urbano
Email: info@departamentoscentrourbano.cl
Phone: 56 2 22364401


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