El 2014 en el Aji

El Año 2014 en el Aji

El Año 2014 empezó bien tranquillo. Estuvimos por año nuevo en el hostal conxy unos huéspedes que después salieron a ver el gran show de los fuegos artificiales y de ahí volvieron al hostal y nos quedamos hasta tempranito en la mañana disfrutando del comienzo de una nueva etapa.

Los invitamos a todos a disfrutar el verano con nosotros, viajar, disfrutar, relajarse y pasarlo bien!! Durante todo el año tratamos de motivarles que vengan y con muchos funciono 🙂

Llegaron mucha gente buena onda, loca, amorosa,….fuerza chile

En la primera mitad del año pasaron muchas cosas en Chile que afectaron a mucha gente. Primero el terremoto en el norte y después el incendio en Valparaíso. Tratamos de motivar para ayudar lo que se pudo.

Después de todo eso ya empezó a llegar el otoño y con el igual llego el IMG_7669comienzo del evento más grande este año: la copa mundial!! Teníamos mucha fe, porque ahora todos saben que chile mete miedo!! Todos los momentos IMG_7758emocionantes que compartimos, el partido contra España que hico historia… y todo lo que estuvimos con los brasileños aquí en el hostal, solo en un momento no nos apoyamos… J fue bueno compartir esos momentos aquí en el aji mirando los partidos con ustedes querida gente, lo disfrutamos harto!!

Durante la copa llego el invierno y así también la nieve. Mucha gente que por primera vez fueron a la nieve y sintieron la magia…

28Y de repente llego la magia al hostal también. Llego el mago y amigo del hostal Oscar Duval! Y nos encantó con sus trucos…

Durante ese tiempo igual participamos con Chilesertur en la feria de Turismo de invierno.

Y de ahí llego el momento que todos estuvimos esperando. sust lo tenemoshostal sustentable sin cablesTrabajamos harto por eso y al fin era el momento: nos entregaron el sello de sustentabilidad!!!

Mientras estuvimos trabajando en nuestro nuevo blog! Un Blog con historias, Traveltips, Budget, Santiago,…

En nuestro Blog empezamos a mostrarles que se puede hacer aquí en Santiago, que es lo especial del Aji Hostel, que viajes se pueden hacer de aquí,…. Vamos a seguir con eso, ojala que lo disfruten y les sirve.

Al fin del invierno ya lanzamos nuestra nueva 1 sin fondo mas chicoempresa, Internship and Travel, una agencia para extranjeros que quieren venir a Chile para hacer prácticas, trabajo voluntario, curso español o más… Así que si quieren venir a Chile a trabajar, avisen no más!

Y ya era tiempo para la primavera y con ella llego el 18 de septiembre! Lo pasamos bailando cueca en el living, o tratando de bailar J

De ahí nos inscribimos en compitemas, que es 1654027_10152342569771898_1526799943357669211_nuna plataforma que tiene como objetivo apoyar los avances en Sustentabilidad de las pequeñas y medianas empresas chilenas. Queremos ser más sustentable todavía

En la última etapa de este año ya estuvimos pensando en el año que empieza ahora, para hacer su estadía más agradable todavía.

Pero si nosotros pensamos en el año 2014, más que nada pensamos en 24todos ustedes, en los momentos felices y chistosos que pasamos, en todos los asados, los partidos, en los miércoles Po,… y se los queremos agradecer a todos ustedes que estuvieron con nosotros este año… Ojala que más que uno lo vamos a ver en el 2015!

Gracias a nuestro staff que nos acompañó aji amordurante este año… algunos tomaron otro camino ahora y les deseamos lo mejor y los vamos a extrañar.  A los nuevos que llegaron les deseamos que lo pasen bien el próximo año con todos ustedes, suerte y animo!

De todo el corazón les deseamos a todos ustedes, nuestros queridos huéspedes y amigos, lo mejor para el próximo año, sus próximos viajes y sus aventuras!! gracias por todo!!    El equipo del aji!


The year 2014 started well quiet. We stayed for New Year at the hostel with some guests who later went to see the great show of fireworks and then returned to the hostel and we were up until early in the morning, enjoying the beginning of a new stage.

We invited everyone to enjoy the summer with us, travel, enjoy, relax and have fun!! Throughout the year we try to motivate you to come and it worked with many of you J

We had here many good people wave, crazy, loving ….

In the first half of the year many things happened in Chile that affected many people. First was the earthquake in the north and after the fire in Valparaiso. We tried to help what we could.

After all that was already coming autumn and that was the start of the biggest event this year: World Cup !! We had a lot of faith, because now everyone knows that “chile mete miedo”!! All the exciting moments we shared, the match against Spain that made story … and all we were with the Brazilians here at the hostel, just at the time when we do not rely …:) was nice to share those moments here at aji watching the games with you dear people, enjoyed sick !!

During the world cup came the winter and so the snow. Many people who for the first time went to the snow and felt the magic …

And suddenly the magic got back to the hostel too. It came the magician and friend of the hostel Oscar Duval! We loved his tricks …

During that time equal to Chilesertur participate in Winter tourism fair.

And then came the moment we were all waiting. We work so fed up and finally it was time: they gave us the seal of sustainability !!!

While that, we were working on our new blog! A Blog with stories, Traveltips, Budget, Santiago, …

In our blog we started to show you what you can do here in Santiago, what is so special about Aji Hostel, which trips can be made from here …. We will continue with that, I hope you enjoy it and it serves you.

At the end of winter we started with our new company, Internship and Travel, an agency for foreigners who want to come to Chile to practice, volunteer work, Spanish course or more… So if you want to come to Chile to work, write us!

And it was time for spring and with it came the September 18th! Had cueca dancing in the living room, or trying to dance… J

Then we signed  in for “compitemas”, which is a platform that aims to support progress on Sustainability of small and medium Chilean companies. We want to be more sustainable yet

In the last stage of this year, we were already thinking about the year ahead, to make your stay even more enjoyable.

But if we think in 2014, mostly we think about all of you, in happy and humorous moments spent in all roasts, parties, on “Miercoles Po” … and we want to thank all of you who stayed with us this year … Hopefully some of you we are going to see in 2015!

Thanks to our staff who accompanied us this year … some took another path now, wish them well and will miss them. Some new people arrived and we wish them have a good time next year with all of you, luck and encouragement!

From all our heart we wish all of you, our dear guests and friends, the best for the next year, their upcoming trips and adventures!!

Thanks for everything!! The team aji!


Internship and Travel

In general

In the last few years Internships in general became more popular and the demand went bigger.

There are a lot of offers for Internships in every area and every country.IMG_7759 Spanish is getting more and more important to know. And why Chile is one of the most developed, save and popular countries in South America, many people come here to study or to work or do their internship.

Internships, and also voluntary work, can be a great opportunity to know well another country, other language and over all a new culture, new people and new friends. Internships in general are a lifetime experience and can help you a lot to get further in your personal and your business carrier. In many jobs you apply in your future they may ask for experience abroad and other languages and if you have done an internship, you can reveal with both.

So come to Chile to do an Internship, voluntary work or one of our programs:


Our Idea

Based on the increasing interest in internships we almost a year ago started with the idea to make it easier for foreigners to find a good internship in Chile.We knew that already do exist some companies for this, but we wanted to do different. We wanted something that really helps students to find tIMG_8422he job they want and where they can benefit the most possible for their studies. So it’s also guarantied for the business that the students who come are motivated to work, because they know already what they are coming for and what they will do during their stay! And the most important thing was that we wanted you to feel save and coming to Chile without fears and stress and dooing what you want and not ending up washing dishes… (like others we saw…)

Important points for us

Our first and most important point is, to be there for you!

You already can see on our page which are the internships we offer and what work you will have to do, so you can choose the most convenient one. All of our programs have been agreed upon with thenosotros companies and/or institutions in Chile before offering you the internship, and they review and approve your application before we confirm with you the internship. All of the internships have been requested by the companies and their availability has been confirmed prior to us offering them to you.

If the company doesn’t meet the expectations of what they offered you, we can provide you with an alternative internship so that your experience here will always be a great one. Means that if you at least end up doing other stuff that the work which was described on the page you can talk with us and we come to talk with the one in charge and if they don’t change your tasks you have the right to change practice.

We go with you to your work the first day and we will visit you once in a while. We have an emergency phone where you can call us 24 hours the 7 days of the week and the 365 days a year.

For us the social part also is very important. So we offer voluntary work for a very low price, only 10chicitito0 USD. And with all the 100 Dollars of voluntary workers we pay some administration and the rest of the money we donate at the end of the year to one of the organizations we are working with.

One of the things we offer to give you the best support is our psantiagorogram “your month” which is considered to help you getting in to our culture, country, people, language and more. In this month you will learn about Chile, rights, people, speaking and to handle moving in Santiago.

We as a company

We’re committed to offering work internships, volunteer options, and touristic services that provide the best available opportunity to young people from all over the world tpagina_cultura_690o get to know our culture, history, Santiago city, and our region’s attractions in the closest and most real way. We want everyone to remember having lived an excellence experience after participating in one of our programs and to take away a better understanding of our culture, its people, the customs of this part of the world, our history, and of course our language. .

We will preferentially offer internship, or volunteer programs that are with small-sized businesses or organizations that need resources for their survival and/or development. The small-sized social organizations, as well as small tourism companies, are our priority because pagina_gente3_690they require more help to function and because they represent an excellent opportunity for the young people to immerse themselves in our country and live an unforgettable experience.

To read more about go to our page


and we hope you will be one of the people we will see soon in Chile!! Don’t due to write me if you have any questions


algunos fotos de http://www.thisischile.cl

TOP 10 to do at Aji hostel !


foto con carlitos

Start your stay with us by taking picture during your Check-in with our Jack Sparow and his red hot chili pepper necklace




ALL OUR DINNERS ARE INCLUDED in the price (except the BBQ) then you have no excuse to not taste the delightful/awesome Pasta con verduras (with vegetables) from the chef every Mondays and Saturdays!! Because: “when the food is cooked with heart it’s always better” Mahatto’s quote.




What a better way to start the week on Monday with our FREE PISCO SOUR! Such a nice way to meet the other guests and to create new friendships!




Get ready for Miercoles Po, the biggest exchange party in Chile! Miércoles Po’ is an itinerant party with weekly changing topics for exchange students. “What happens to Mpo stays in Mpo”



pasta con vino

There is nothing better than a glass of wine with the delectable Fena’s Pasta with Pesto to chill out with the others guests before going to MiercolesPo’.




Our BBQ is not just hot dogs. We offer buffet of different types of salads (tomatoes, asparagus, broccolis, potatoes, pasta) pies, tortillas.. And of course Choripanes, beef and pork!


  1. GET A FULL MENU FOR LUNCH (starter-main dish- dessert- juice) FOR CLP 3300


If you are hungry and don’t really want to cook for your lunch, you can eat at our restaurant for CLP 3300!




We are located in a safe and dynamic neighborhood. Then, enjoy your day by visiting and come back to sleep in our safe place!



We have a safe storage where you can leave your backpacks, suitcases, bags, surfboard, snowboard or shopping cart, no matter how you travel! Travelers used to excess baggages are welcome!



We are really pride to offer you the possibility to be eco friendly while staying with us! Our hostel is equipped with Solar panels and recycling bins in order to protect our environment.


We are Eco friendly !

Travel to discover the beauty of the world, travel respecting its lands. 

Aji hostel and the entire staff is really proud for getting the label ” S” level 2 of sustainable accommodation.  We are the unique hostel in the Metropolitan region which has this level. We received this distinction because we are committed to the recycling of glass containers, plastic and others which can be reused in our hostel and our restaurant. Also to avoid the waste of paper we don’t print unnecessary files and only use the new technologies to share those information.  Finally, 50% of our hot water is warm up with solar panels ! If you want to be Eco friendly while travelling you can share your devotion with us =)

staff pic

El Aji hostal

What about us ??

hostal sustentable sin cables

We are a youth hostel and entertaining! Located near the city center, Chili Hostel offers the best value for your money! Free dinner every night except Fridays (night of our great barbecue), the best atmosphere and staff will make your stay in Santiago an unforgettable memory. Our activities provide you the perfect place to meet other travelers, and our young staff gives you the friendliest service in a relaxed atmosphere.

The old architecture of Aji Hostel offers spacious rooms for everyone. Eightpieza 7 feminina 8 camas bano afuera de la pieza beds bedroom with outside bathroom to the master bedroom “suite” with private bath and balcony, we have the room you need.


Aji Hostel we are responsible to the environment, our community and our staff.

We have obtained the “S” level 2 label that is sustainable Accommodation distinction awarded by the National Tourism Service of Chile

sust lo tenemosWe collaborate with the National Committee for the Defense of Fauna and Flora by donating recycling of all glass containers that are discarded at the hostel and our cafeteria.

We collect, recycle and our Manager is manager of energy efficiency hotel certified by the Chilean Association of Energy Efficiency

50% of the hot water used in the hostel is heated by solar panels and till July 2014 shall be 70% by installing new solar heaters

Our staff is composed of young people from so many different countries such as Nigeria, Switzerland, France, Ecuador and Chile of course, with different tastes and preferences, which have in common a taste for travel and meet different people


Being a small hostel we have the advantage of playing atwitter perfil fondo very personalized attention and have activities all week for guests also can come between them.

Here you will always feel among friends!

Aji Hostel always commits to make two meals with your accommodation: Breakfast and dinner. Nothing spectacular but enough to save money on your trip to our city.

We promise that our prices are always cheap and that is even better if you consider that we are located in a good area of the city center.

Aji Hostel is located in a safe neighborhood and near the subway station Salvador and Providencia Avenue which is the main street of Santiago

We give quality service, Trip Advisor has recognized us with a certificate of excellence and use Platform Quality Hotels to collect the views of all those who visit us and improve our service.


To reserve: http://www.ajihostel.cl                                  for any information: recepcion@ajihostel.cl

Acerca de nosotros?

hostal sustentable sin cablesNosotros somos un hostal juvenil y entretenido! Ubicado muy cerca del centro de la ciudad, Ají Hostel te ofrece el mejor valor para tu dinero! Cena gratis todas las noches, exceptuando los viernes (noche de nuestro gran asado), el mejor ambiente y staff harán de tu estadía en Santiago un recuerdo inolvidable. Nuestras actividades te proporcionan los momentos perfectos para conocer a otros viajeros, y nuestro joven personal te da el mas amigable trato en un ambiente relajado.

La arquitectura antigua de Ají Hostel ofrece habitaciones amplias para pieza 7 feminina 8 camas bano afuera de la piezatodos los gustos. Del dormitorio de ocho camas con baño exterior a la habitación matrimonial “suite” con baño privado y balcón, tenemos la habitación que necesitas.


En Aji Hostel somos responsables con el medio ambiente, con nuestra comunidad y con nuestro staff.

Hemos obtenido el sello “S” nivel 2 , que es la distinción de Alojamiento sustentable otorgado por el Servicio Nacional de Turismo de Chile

sust lo tenemosColaboramos con el comité Nacional Pro defensa de la Fauna y Flora mediante la donación para reciclaje de todos los recipientes de vidrio que se desechan en el hostal y nuestra cafetería.

Recolectamos, reciclamos y nuestro Gerente es gestor de eficiencia energética hotelera certificado por la Asociación Chilena de Eficiencia Energética

El 50% del agua caliente utilizada en el hostal es calentada mediante paneles solares y a partir de Julio del 2014 será el 70% mediante la instalación de nuevos calefactores solares

Nuestro staff esta compuesto por jóvenes provenientes de países tan diferentes como por ejemplo Nigeria, Suiza, Francia, ecuador  y por supuesto chilenos, con diferentes gustos y preferencias, que tienen en común el gusto por viajar y conocer personas diferentes


Al ser un hostal pequeño tenemos la ventaja de desempeñar una atencióntwitter perfil fondo muy personalizada y realizamos actividades toda la semana para que tambien los huéspedes pueden acercarse entre ellos.

Aquí te sentirás siempre entre amigos!

En Aji Hostel nos comprometemos ha otorgar siempre dos comidas junto con tu alojamiento: Desayuno y cena. Nada espectacular, pero suficiente para que ahorres dinero en tu visita a nuestra ciudad.

Nos comprometemos a que nuestros precios sean siempre económicos lo que es mejor aún si consideras que estamos ubicados en un buen sector del centro de la ciudad.

Aji Hostel se ubica en un barrio seguro y muy cerca de la estación de metro Salvador y de la avenida Providencia que es la calle principal de Santiago

Damos un servicio de calidad, Trip Advisor nos ha reconocido con un certificado de excelencia y utilizamos la plataforma de Hotels Quality para recoger las opiniones de todos los que nos visitan y asi mejorar nuestro servicio.


To reserve: http://www.ajihostel.cl                                  for any information: recepcion@ajihostel.cl