back to nature, spring is comming!!! “La cascada escondida”

Tiempo de visitar la naturaleza

Ahora que al fin parece que llego la primavera y va a venir IMG_9193el verano es tiempo para salir al aire fresco de nuevo. Para todos los que les gusta moverse un poco en la naturaleza tenemos aquí un tip que queda en Santiago y es un paraíso!!

En el parque natural aguas de ramón hay mucho espacio para caminar y hacer trekking. Vas a poder encontrar senderos de diferentes dificultades, puedes encontrar recorridos de acuerdo a las condiciones físicas de cada persona.

Aparte de que IMG_9179hay diferentes senderos igual hay más parques con más senderos todavía ahí cerca. Pero esta vez les recomendamos este porque ahí hay tres rutas que son especialmente lindos.

De nuestro Hostal en Providencia por ejemplo tomas el Metro en la estación Salvador tomas la línea roja hasta tobalaba. En tobalaba te cambias a la línea azul hasta Francisco Bilbao. Desde Francisco Bilbao, tomas la micro D08 (Paradero por Av. Bilbao, tránsito dirección oriente). Bajate en Av.Padre Hurtado con Carlos Silva Vildósola, Plaza La Reina. En Plaza La Reina, tomar un taxi colectivo o caminar 25 min por Onofre Jarpa hacia la cordillera. Ahí llegas al parque.

Si llegas al parque hay un inicio dónde vas a empezar tu IMG_9196camino hacia arriba. Te vas a encontrar con miradores, puentes colgantes, saltos de agua y lugares de interacción con la naturaleza ideales para complementar y reforzar la formación cognitiva y espiritual.

Hay tres paradas en este camino que son como los tres destinos. Tu elijes el destino IMG_9230que te parece físicamente posible para ti o ese que más te gusta! Además que quieres subir, además temprano tienes que estar allá! En todo el camino hay ríos, cascadas y muchas vistas hermosas, así que igual si no quieres subirte hasta el último destino vas a ver mucho y seguro que vas a disfrutar!

Si quieres más información visita la página oficial:!prettyPhoto[set_8]/0/

Y mira este video de “que hacer en Santiago”


time to visit nature

Now that it finally seems to get spring and summer is IMG_9193coming it is time to go back to fresh air. For all who like to move in nature we have here a traveltip in Santiago which seems like heaven!!

In the “parque natural aguas de ramón” there is much room for walking and trekking. You’ll be able to find trails of varying difficulty; you can find routes according to the physical conditions of each individual.

Besides the different paths there are more parks like more trails near there yet. But this time we recommend this because there are three routes that are especially nice.

IMG_9179From our hostel in Providence for example take the Metro station in Salvador take the red line to tobalaba. In tobalaba you transfer to the Blue Line to Francisco Bilbao. From Francisco Bilbao, you take the micro D08 (Whereabouts by Av. Bilbao, traffic direction east). Get off at Av.Padre Vildósola Silva Carlos Hurtado, Plaza La Reina. In Plaza La Reina, take a taxi or walk 25 min by Onofre Jarpa towards the mountains. There you get to the park.

When you get to the park there is a place where you start your way up. You’ll find gazebos, bridges, waterfalls IMG_9196and places of interaction with nature, ideal to complement and reinforce cognitive and spiritual formation.

There are three stops on this way, they are like the threeIMG_9230 destinations. You choose the destination that seems physically possible for you or that you like! As higher as you want to go up, the earlier you have to be there. All the way there are rivers, waterfalls and many beautiful views, so even if you want get on to the last destination you also can see a lot and you’re sure to enjoy!

If you want more information visit the official website:!prettyPhoto[set_8]/0/

And look at this video of “que hacer en Santiago”


Internship and Travel

In general

In the last few years Internships in general became more popular and the demand went bigger.

There are a lot of offers for Internships in every area and every country.IMG_7759 Spanish is getting more and more important to know. And why Chile is one of the most developed, save and popular countries in South America, many people come here to study or to work or do their internship.

Internships, and also voluntary work, can be a great opportunity to know well another country, other language and over all a new culture, new people and new friends. Internships in general are a lifetime experience and can help you a lot to get further in your personal and your business carrier. In many jobs you apply in your future they may ask for experience abroad and other languages and if you have done an internship, you can reveal with both.

So come to Chile to do an Internship, voluntary work or one of our programs:

Our Idea

Based on the increasing interest in internships we almost a year ago started with the idea to make it easier for foreigners to find a good internship in Chile.We knew that already do exist some companies for this, but we wanted to do different. We wanted something that really helps students to find tIMG_8422he job they want and where they can benefit the most possible for their studies. So it’s also guarantied for the business that the students who come are motivated to work, because they know already what they are coming for and what they will do during their stay! And the most important thing was that we wanted you to feel save and coming to Chile without fears and stress and dooing what you want and not ending up washing dishes… (like others we saw…)

Important points for us

Our first and most important point is, to be there for you!

You already can see on our page which are the internships we offer and what work you will have to do, so you can choose the most convenient one. All of our programs have been agreed upon with thenosotros companies and/or institutions in Chile before offering you the internship, and they review and approve your application before we confirm with you the internship. All of the internships have been requested by the companies and their availability has been confirmed prior to us offering them to you.

If the company doesn’t meet the expectations of what they offered you, we can provide you with an alternative internship so that your experience here will always be a great one. Means that if you at least end up doing other stuff that the work which was described on the page you can talk with us and we come to talk with the one in charge and if they don’t change your tasks you have the right to change practice.

We go with you to your work the first day and we will visit you once in a while. We have an emergency phone where you can call us 24 hours the 7 days of the week and the 365 days a year.

For us the social part also is very important. So we offer voluntary work for a very low price, only 10chicitito0 USD. And with all the 100 Dollars of voluntary workers we pay some administration and the rest of the money we donate at the end of the year to one of the organizations we are working with.

One of the things we offer to give you the best support is our psantiagorogram “your month” which is considered to help you getting in to our culture, country, people, language and more. In this month you will learn about Chile, rights, people, speaking and to handle moving in Santiago.

We as a company

We’re committed to offering work internships, volunteer options, and touristic services that provide the best available opportunity to young people from all over the world tpagina_cultura_690o get to know our culture, history, Santiago city, and our region’s attractions in the closest and most real way. We want everyone to remember having lived an excellence experience after participating in one of our programs and to take away a better understanding of our culture, its people, the customs of this part of the world, our history, and of course our language. .

We will preferentially offer internship, or volunteer programs that are with small-sized businesses or organizations that need resources for their survival and/or development. The small-sized social organizations, as well as small tourism companies, are our priority because pagina_gente3_690they require more help to function and because they represent an excellent opportunity for the young people to immerse themselves in our country and live an unforgettable experience.

To read more about go to our page

and we hope you will be one of the people we will see soon in Chile!! Don’t due to write me if you have any questions

algunos fotos de

El Cajon del Maipo, Santiago de Chile

       Our fabulous journey started at 9 AM with the meeting point at Ando Andes’ office which offer sustainable tour services. The Santiago’s sky was clouded and grey of the smog when we left the city. It’s on the way to El Cajon that the sun had started showing up. The view of the grandeur of the Andes with the wild horses and the flowered villages were splendid. We passed in front of the Rio del Maipo where during summer rafters come to practice their activities.


     We drove around two hours before reaching the main point of the visit “ Embalse Del Yeso” a wonderful reservoir surrounded by the snow-covered mountain. We dropped the car and started walking around.


   During the walk the guide explained us what were the effects of the glaciers over the mountains and the nature. Unfortunately, there are many mines which are still running and which destroy El cajon by wasting water and polluting the air with trucks.

 Armed with our camera we crossed paths a deserted-former military base from the Pinochet’s dictatorship and drunk the magic water from Cascada la vieja. Why magic? Who drinks this water will come back to drink it again on a future day. I’m looking forward going there again!


     We continued our way to a terrifying deserted tunnel formerly used as a train to convey commodity and people. Horror movies-lovers we dare you to cross this dark and endless tunnel!


    After this moving tunnel we came back to the car to lunch at the main village called San Jose del Maipo. We ate in a pleasant restaurant called Las ovejas negras “the black sheeps” before going back to Santiago.


During the lunch we listened to a last story about el Cajon del Maipo:

   “When the Spanish came to overrun Chile, inhabitants from El cajon went to hide their gold and valuables through the mountains in order to protect them from the invaders. However, some of the inhabitants died before revealing where their fortune were hidden.  So we assume there is still gold somewhere between the rocks of the mountains.” Always wanted to be gold prospector? 😉


We are Eco friendly !

Travel to discover the beauty of the world, travel respecting its lands. 

Aji hostel and the entire staff is really proud for getting the label ” S” level 2 of sustainable accommodation.  We are the unique hostel in the Metropolitan region which has this level. We received this distinction because we are committed to the recycling of glass containers, plastic and others which can be reused in our hostel and our restaurant. Also to avoid the waste of paper we don’t print unnecessary files and only use the new technologies to share those information.  Finally, 50% of our hot water is warm up with solar panels ! If you want to be Eco friendly while travelling you can share your devotion with us =)

staff pic