¿Cuánto más o menos me sale el pasaje? ¿How much is the Price for my journey?


como mochilero, uno muchas veces viaja en buses. Lo conocen todos los viajeros y también los Chilenos mismos: recibir miles  de respuestas diferentes cada vez que se pregunta por el precio de un viaje o tener que ir a la terminal de buses o a la oficina más cercana de Turbus, Condor, Pullman,… para preguntar, pero muchas veces estas no están cerca, hay mucha gente, se 10514589_840726605938482_6927951876647354273_ndebe hacer fila,…!

Cuando se quiere planear el siguiente paso y calcular cuánto sale o que conviene más, en Chile se hace un poco difícil porque no hay planes de buses o precios y la información en sus páginas web muchas veces no es clara, pero ahora todo es diferente…

Viendo 10685582_866081483402994_1855210750761723489_nesta necesidad un grupo de  alemanes en Chile  crearon recorrido.cl  una plataforma de comparación de rutas en Chile que permite filtrar y ordenar todos los resultados relevantes ya sea por precio, origen o tiempo de viaje.

La página todavía no está en su versión más perfecta, como ellos mismos dicen, hay algunas fallas todavía, pero están trabajando fuertemente y rápido para que muy pronto inclusive se puedan reservar los tiquetes de  viaje, tener un  App, y consultar más de un ruta al mismo tiempo, viajar en Bus nunca fue más fácil y más barato.

La misión de los fundadores de recorrido.cl:

“Creemos que viajar es esencial para aprender sobre el planeta y su gente. Al explorar otras culturas y paisajes extendemos nuestro horizonte personal y podemos hacer del mundo un mejor lugar. Andar en bus no solo es la manera más barata de transportarse sino también la más frecuente. El bus sirve también para visitar a la familia, descubrir lugares remotos e ir espontáneamente de paseo con tus amigos a la playa o la montaña. Es tiempo de conectar las nuevas tecnologías con el medio de transporte más importante del mundo.”

Los inventores de recorrido.cl son parte de Start-Up Chile (un programa del 10368216_813130932031383_4283586770240967657_ngobierno que apoya nuevos inventores) desde el Mayo de este año, al lado del financiamiento hay mentores y una buena comunidad donde pueden trabajar y recibir feedback para mejorar el proyecto.

Pero si o si la idea esta y es muy buena, les falta avanzar un poco y seguro que todos los viajeros y todos los Chilenos les agradecerán mucho su trabajo y su esfuerzo.

When traveling

as a backpacker, you often travel by buses. It is known to the most of travelers and Chilean: get thousands of different answers every time you ask for the price of a trip or having to go to the bus station or the nearest office Turbus, Condor, Pullman, … to ask, but often these are not close, many people, you should get in line …!10514589_840726605938482_6927951876647354273_n

When you want to plan the next step and calculate how much goes or specific needs in Chile, it becomes a little difficult because there are no plans for buses or prices and no more information, their website is often not clear…

But now everything is different…

Seeing this need,10685582_866081483402994_1855210750761723489_n a group of Germans came to Chile and created the platform recorrido.cl. Comparison routes in Chile that allows you to filter and sort all relevant results by price, origin or travel time.

The page is still not in its most perfect version, as they say, there are still some flaws, but they are working hard and fast so that you soon even can book the travel tickets, have a App, and get more than one route.

Travling by bus has never been easier and cheaper.

The mission of the founders of recorrido.cl:

“We believe that travel is essential to learn about the planet and its people. To explore other cultures and landscapes extend our personal horizons and can make the world a better place. A bus ride is not only the cheapest way to get around but also the most common. The bus also serves to visit family, discover remote locations and go spontaneously walking with friends to the beach or the mountains. It’s time to connect the new technologies with the most important means of transportation in the world. ” 10368216_813130932031383_4283586770240967657_n

The inventors of recorrido.cl are part of Start-Up Chile (a government program that supports new inventors) since May this year. The financing side, there mentors and a good community where they can work and receive feedback serves to improve the project .

But whether, this idea is very good. They need to lack advance a little and sure that all passengers and all Chileans will be grateful for their work and effort.


Internship and Travel

In general

In the last few years Internships in general became more popular and the demand went bigger.

There are a lot of offers for Internships in every area and every country.IMG_7759 Spanish is getting more and more important to know. And why Chile is one of the most developed, save and popular countries in South America, many people come here to study or to work or do their internship.

Internships, and also voluntary work, can be a great opportunity to know well another country, other language and over all a new culture, new people and new friends. Internships in general are a lifetime experience and can help you a lot to get further in your personal and your business carrier. In many jobs you apply in your future they may ask for experience abroad and other languages and if you have done an internship, you can reveal with both.

So come to Chile to do an Internship, voluntary work or one of our programs:


Our Idea

Based on the increasing interest in internships we almost a year ago started with the idea to make it easier for foreigners to find a good internship in Chile.We knew that already do exist some companies for this, but we wanted to do different. We wanted something that really helps students to find tIMG_8422he job they want and where they can benefit the most possible for their studies. So it’s also guarantied for the business that the students who come are motivated to work, because they know already what they are coming for and what they will do during their stay! And the most important thing was that we wanted you to feel save and coming to Chile without fears and stress and dooing what you want and not ending up washing dishes… (like others we saw…)

Important points for us

Our first and most important point is, to be there for you!

You already can see on our page which are the internships we offer and what work you will have to do, so you can choose the most convenient one. All of our programs have been agreed upon with thenosotros companies and/or institutions in Chile before offering you the internship, and they review and approve your application before we confirm with you the internship. All of the internships have been requested by the companies and their availability has been confirmed prior to us offering them to you.

If the company doesn’t meet the expectations of what they offered you, we can provide you with an alternative internship so that your experience here will always be a great one. Means that if you at least end up doing other stuff that the work which was described on the page you can talk with us and we come to talk with the one in charge and if they don’t change your tasks you have the right to change practice.

We go with you to your work the first day and we will visit you once in a while. We have an emergency phone where you can call us 24 hours the 7 days of the week and the 365 days a year.

For us the social part also is very important. So we offer voluntary work for a very low price, only 10chicitito0 USD. And with all the 100 Dollars of voluntary workers we pay some administration and the rest of the money we donate at the end of the year to one of the organizations we are working with.

One of the things we offer to give you the best support is our psantiagorogram “your month” which is considered to help you getting in to our culture, country, people, language and more. In this month you will learn about Chile, rights, people, speaking and to handle moving in Santiago.

We as a company

We’re committed to offering work internships, volunteer options, and touristic services that provide the best available opportunity to young people from all over the world tpagina_cultura_690o get to know our culture, history, Santiago city, and our region’s attractions in the closest and most real way. We want everyone to remember having lived an excellence experience after participating in one of our programs and to take away a better understanding of our culture, its people, the customs of this part of the world, our history, and of course our language. .

We will preferentially offer internship, or volunteer programs that are with small-sized businesses or organizations that need resources for their survival and/or development. The small-sized social organizations, as well as small tourism companies, are our priority because pagina_gente3_690they require more help to function and because they represent an excellent opportunity for the young people to immerse themselves in our country and live an unforgettable experience.

To read more about go to our page


and we hope you will be one of the people we will see soon in Chile!! Don’t due to write me if you have any questions


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TOP 10 Things you should visit in Santiago de Chile


    cerro san cristobal

To catch the best sweeping views over Santiago and the Andes you should go to Cerro San Cristobal. Reach the top with runners and bikers to admire the Virgin de la inmaculada Concepción, to drink a Motte Con huesillo and to taste an Empanada.


    santa lucia

Known as “the green lung of Santiago” Santa Lucia Hill offers one of the best view inside Santiago. Go for a stroll inside this park and reach the top in order to take some nice panoramas of Santiago. Then you can buy some traditional gifts at la Feria Santa Lucia. You might find funny souvenirs like a Indio(a) Picaro(a) or jewelry made of the famous blue metamorphic rock called Lapis-Lazuli.


    plaza de armas

The main square of Santiago is a vibrant place where lots of artists perform and street shows take place. It’s a perfect place for walking in the street a Sunday afternoon or to observe people. Unfortunately the square by itself is closed for renovation, then don’t be disappointed to not be able to visit the place.



Located in the center of the city, it regroups in a same place culture, bohemian style, white buildings, restaurants, terraces, designer shops… This neighborhood really worth it and deserves a walk.


la vega mercado central

Santiago is a city which doesn’t really break your habits; you will not be stunned in front of its contemporary buildings and its modern facilities. However, you just need to cross the Mapocho River to perceive what the Chilean culture is. The Central Market and The Vega are two indoor markets: one of seafood and the other one of fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect place to lunch, to amaze your taste buds with the Chile’s treasure and to slip between the locals.



Barrio Bellavista is one of the most typical and picturesque neighborhood of Santiago, with a bohemian style and a particular architecture. It’s a perfect mix between gastronomy, art, and entertainment making Bellavista a really special neighborhood. One of the finest examples of cultural heritage is the Pablo Neruda’s house called La Chascona. After the sun went down this neighborhood turns in a place to party hard and to chill out till the sunrise.



The General Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in Latin America. Its 85 hectares became a magnificent grounds filled with ornate mausoleums. Notable interments like presidents, senators, musicians and scientists found their final resting there. The cemetery is surrounded by palm and leaf trees together with numerous sculptures (around 237). More than its vocation it serves as a true urban park decorated with thousands of flowers.


parque quinta normal

Located close to the Matucana neighborhood, this park has been elected one of the 30 most splendid parks of the world. Bring your picnic (or some empanadas) and have a nap on this park can be a good idea to spend a nice afternoon. But more than a simple park, it regroups 5 museums which are all free the Sundays (/!\ but they are all closed on Monday). Outside of the park is located the Museum of the memory and the human rights. A place which tells the Pinochet’s dictatorship in order to never forget what happened not so long ago.


    cajon del maipo

Cajon del Maipo is a canyon in the Andean Southeastern portion of Santiago. You will enjoy riding, hiking, taking a bath in the hot springs and taking part to all the others activities. AndoAndes ANDOANDES is a Green Company tour; they take pride Recycling, Reuseing, Composting all of our tours. Their company is dedicated to showing the best places, magnificent and natural beauty in the Andes Mountains that can be found within just a few hours of Santiago like Glaciers, waterfalls, ancient forests, lagoons, volcanoes in Maipo Valley and national parks.


persa bio bio

El Persa Bio Bio is a giant second hand market located in the Franklin neighborhood. You can spend hours bargain-hunting for a really old writing machine or for a Chilean style backpack. They get everything you need and much more!

A great tip for travelers with small budgets

What is the concept of Freetournetwork? A website  which regroups free local tours all around the world. A concept designed by Robert Rosenthall, an experienced traveler.


Tourist industry has been growing from the last years and mass tourism emerged with it. Then, nowadays flight tickets are cheaper compared to 10 years ago, what offers us the possibility to do what we like the most: Travelling (we are lucky =).There are different types of tourists according to their budgets, but sometimes we all have the same bad feeling to be only a cash cow, to be paying more that it should be, and to stuff companies’ pockets. Beauties of the world should be approachable for everybody. Then, some people have started travelling on a different way and the backpacking phenomena appeared “I’m a backpacker” or “I backpacked in South America”.  That’s why I thought you will be many to use his precious tips.

I hope you will follow the concept: not only to travel for free but to meet local people and to share experiences with them.  Freetournetwork is 172 tours, 139 cities, 56 countries on 6 continents … I think you have enough to be going on with!